Powering your fingers

Onyx is a series of Raylog’s elegantly designed switch panel that ensures customer comfort and pride. Onyx provides control of home appliance with just one touch by POWERING YOUR FINGERS. The aesthetic app offers IoT based control and monitoring of onyx ranges at the tip of your finger. Sleek elegant looking panels with iconic touch paneled switches bring an aesthetic appeal meant for the millennial lifestyle. Wi-Fi connectivity enables access to Onyx anywhere from around the world.

Range of onyx


Global control

Mobile application to control your home appliance from anywhere and everywhere around
the world.

Local control

Controlling the home appliance through Wi-Fi within
the home network perimeter when there is no internet

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User choice icon

Each smart touch icon can be customized as per user
convenience at the time of installation.

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User choice icon colour

16 million different colors for icons can be set depending
on the user’s mood.

Night mode

Toggle on/off Icon Illumination of smart touch switches
on the panel during night time.


A Timer to set on/off duration of a particular appliance.


Scheduling of each appliance on daily or weekly basis according to the user requirement.

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100 levels of dimming control across all switches for dimmable appliance.

Replica of smart touch panel in mobile application

Panel integrated socket

Integrated socket on the smart touch panel for all high power
electronic and electrical appliance.

Capacitive touch switch panel with Feather smooth Operation

Child/maintenance lock

Prevents panel from being used during maintenance or
prevent children using it.

Redundancy backup

Two switches behind the panel for accessibility of one light and one fan during time of failure or technical problem with the smart touch panel.

Autonomous processing unit

Every smart touch panel has its own controller which is integrated within itself for all processing activities.

Power electronics solid switching

Unlimited switching of appliance with zero maintenance cost and load output power upto 40Amps/9.4K Watts for individual appliance.

Multiple device accessibility with unique ID

Unique ID provided with every device for mobile App authentication and accessibility.

Low power consumption

Device’s maximum power consumption is upto 4 Watts.

Dual option for input supply

Input supply for individual appliance can be choosen either from Main supply or Inverter supply using power supply rails in the device.

Wherever whatever feel connected

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