“Internet of Things”, the most emerging subject in the field of technology from 20th century. What does it mean? The internet of things (IoT) is a web-like structure which connects physical objects which are accessed through the internet, which can collect and transfer the data through  a secured connectivity ,there will be a unique IP address for each electronic  gadget, which creates a secure path for IoT to transfer and manipulate the data with or without human interference.

IoT connects devices which are embedded in a different system and makes the difficult task much easier in controlling them, accessing them, and to know the real-time analytics of that system in which they are embedded.  We can connect sensors and actuators to the IoT by which they can sense and interact with the environment.

In day to day life, IoT has been used extensively in all the fields for example agriculture for weather monitoring and reporting, the transportation system for vehicle and passenger safety , medical fields ,home automation, military fields to monitor the actions in the boundaries and  to navigate the air bound arm and ammunition, banks etc .We use IoT based technology to make them more intelligent and to reduce the errors and to increase productivity and safety.

The leading companies which are in the field of research on IoT development have stated that “IoT will consist about 30 billion objects by 2020.It is also estimated that the global market value of IoT will reach $7.1 trillion by the end of 2020”.We already have an implementation of IoT in the most complex tasks which were once impossible things like wearable heart monitoring system, emergency notification system, IoT based drug monitoring system, self-driving vehicles etc.

IoT things are opening a new gateway for the technology to spread in the new direction, on improving these can give us a faster and secured data transfer and data analytics which can improve the way of living and can make the complex task easier.

We already have started to understand the coding in different languages and making the things better. The IoT is easier to understand and to code so the basic knowledge is being taught in the high school level and the students are already working on these as they can be integrated and can be made working models using simpler and low-cost micro-controllers like Arduino and raspberry pi.

  •   9 November 2017

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    Technology Advancements

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    Sanjeev Rao