Renewable or non-renewable, our resources deserve to be preserved. Water is the driving force of all the nature. Unknowingly we tend to waste this precious lifesaving resource. The major convenience with Clicksense is, the water level can be monitored from any distant location

It is well known that we don’t have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment. Raylog industries always focus and keep striving for a healthy environment and stress free society.

With Raylog Clicksense water monitor and manager you just don’t reduce your efforts indeed, you deserve an appreciation for preventing the most valuable natural resource at just one click. A click can assure to preserve water, implement the same technology in future smart villages, and monitor the water level of any source like bore well or water tank, and help our farmer practice smart agriculture


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  •   30 August 2017

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    Smart Product

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    Raylog Industries