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About this course: This AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training course will introduce you to the fundamentals of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform and ensure that you are fully proficient in identifying AWS terminologies, concepts, benefits and deployment options to meet your business requirements. You’ll learn to navigate the AWS management console; understand AWS security measures, storage and database options; and gain expertise in web services such as EC2, S3, RDS and EBS.

Course duration:  3 weeks

Created by:  BrilliantArms, India

Module 1

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Learn What Cloud Computing is and what are the different models of Cloud Computing along with the key differentiators of different models in AWS training.

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
  2. AWS Management Console
  4. Setting up of the AWS Account

Module 2

Identity and Access Management Techniques (IAM)

In this module, you will learn how to achieve distribution of access control with AWS using IAM, how to the manage relational database service of AWS called RDS and will also cover AWS NoSQL service: DynamoDB.

  1. Amazon IAM Overview
  2. Amazon RDS

Module 3

Multiple AWS Services and Managing The Resource’s Life-Cycle

Overview of multiple AWS services, how to manage life cycle of AWS resources and follow the DevOPs model and also about notification, email service of AWS along with Content Distribution Service.

  1. AWS CloudFront
  2. AWS Import / Export
  3. Overview of AWS Products such as Elastibean Stalk
  4. Cloud Formation
  5. AWS OpsWorks SNS
  6. SES

Module 4

AWS Architecture and Design

Learn various architecture and design aspects of AWS. We will also cover the cost planning, optimization techniques along with AWS security best practices, High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) in AWS.

  1. AWS Backup and DR Set-up
  2. AWS High availability Design
  3. AWS Best Practices (Cost +Security)
  4. AWS Calculator & Consolidated Billing